We decided to change because we wanted to emphasize even more strongly that vegetables constitute the basis of our dishes. Their ingredients have remained unchanged, except that we have stopped using butter. This is our response to not only the increasing expectations and needs of consumers, but also a further step towards encouraging Poles to eat meals based on vegetables more frequently. We know that such dishes are delicious and eating them can be fun. Hence, the changes in the logo and packaging to highlight the Pan Pomidor offering and to interest not only flexitarians or vegetarians in it, but primarily people who do not have time to cook and want tasty and healthy food.


The tomato is one of the most frequently used vegetables in the kitchen throughout the world. It is easily available on almost every continent. It can be eaten raw or used for preserves. It gives and enhances the taste of countless dishes, while maintaining excellent nutritional qualities. We also love tomatoes, while our mission is to prepare tasty and healthy vegetable dishes. Consequently, Pan Pomidor is the king of vegetables in our kitchen 🙂


Vegetables, fresh herbs and spices form the basis of our meals, while the basis of Pan Pomidor’s soups is a vegetable broth. There are no colourings or artificial additives and preservatives in the dishes, while their taste and colour comes entirely from vegetables. However, the freshness of Pan Pomidor’s soups comes from packing while hot.

We use both fresh and frozen vegetables for preparing Pan Pomidor dishes, which are kept at an appropriately low temperature, so as to retain the majority of the vitamins and minerals. We reach out for frozen vegetables especially off-season, when fresh vegetables are not available.


 Pan Pomidor’s prepared dishes owe their excellent taste entirely to vegetables, fresh herbs and special compositions of spices. Soups are cooked in a vegetable broth, and some of them contain as many as four out of the five daily recommended daily portions of vegetables. We love vegetables and encourage eating them, including in ready-to-eat dishes.

A ‘clean label’ in food products is the manufacturer’s transparent declaration that the ingredients of the products are free of artificial colours, preservatives and taste enhancing additives.

In the Pan Pomidor dishes, not only do we not use colourings, artificial additives and preservatives. The precise description of the ingredients means that we provide the recipe for preparing the dish and, by packing it in transparent packaging, we allow anyone to assess, for instance, the colour or consistency, instead of thinking what its contents might be.


‘Hot packing’ is our guarantee of freshness of the Pan Pomidor soups. The soups are poured into containers and are sealed at a high temperature, so they can be stored in the refrigerator for the next 30 days.

 Pan Pomidor soups based on vegetables from selected harvests enhanced with a composition of spices and the aroma of fresh herbs, without preservatives or artificial colouring is an offering not only for adults, but also for children aged over 3 years. They are low-calorie soups and have excellent nutritional values, and other than Krupnik and Indian, they are also gluten-free. Therefore, they are also for people on easily digestible, gluten-free or diabetic diets.