We are here for people to eat more vegetables

We are here for people to eat more vegetables

About us

Our brand arose from the love of vegetables and healthy eating, and it all started in 2013. Pan Pomidor became a part of the family that has been processing fruit and vegetables for generations.

Our history starts from the launch of fresh vegetable soups onto the market. Soups precisely like those that we would want to eat. Encouraged by our initial successes, we create new meals and continuously look for interesting tastes. We launch new products and are continuously developing.

We want to be a part of the change that is taking place in our kitchen. We want people to eat more vegetables every day. Everyone, without exception. We believe we feel better having more vegetables in our diet. Ultimately, eating delicious vegetables is simply a pleasure.

Pan Pomidor – King of the Vegetables

Our promises

Vegetables are components of all our meals. It is their presence in the daily diet that makes us feel healthy and light.

Always Tasty

When preparing our meals, we focus on taste. We combine carefully selected vegetables, fresh herbs and aromatic spices. We only use natural vegetable components. We cook in the same way as we would for our family.  

Constant tasting

We like bay leaves, but do not rest on our laurels. We listen to our customers and constantly try new tastes. We are inspired by recipes from around the world. Our menu is based on variety, diversity, surprising combinations and vegetables, which are fresh in the given season of the year.

Constant tasting
We care about others

We are among those who believe that by eating vegetable meals, we look after ourselves and others. We share the results of our work with others. We work with Bank Żywności SOS and we support eat vegetable campaigns.